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Friday, July 29, 2011

Hard Candy Review: Welcome Matte Mattifying Powder

Hey my Hard Candy loving Beauties!!!!

So, we are stepping into CandyLand today, for the first time. Doing an UPDATED review on... Hard Candy's Welcome Matte Mattifying Powder!

First things first... What the product looks like:

Love the impressed logo <3 *swoon*
What does Hard Candy promise this product will do??
  • So, Hard Candy states that this Mattifying Powder with micro-pigment will 'float' over skin, setting makeup, eliminate shine, and last all day!
This is highly important beauties.... How much does this cost???

  • $8.00 (available exclusively at WalMart)
The review... What oh What do I *me* Think of this product:
  • Ok, so I reviewed this product actually twice before, and to be honest I messed up my reviews, I am actually removing them because they just aren't fair! So, I have been using this product pretty consistently though out the HOT HOT Florida summer. *Note: I HAVE OILY SKIN, THIS IS A REVIEW ON MY SKIN AND MY SKIN ALONE, I AM CLAIMING THIS PRODUCT WILL WORK THE SAME ON YOU, BUT THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE* So, to break it down does it live up to the promises Hard Candy makes, well... lets check them out individually...
  •  Does it 'float' over the skin?
  • Yes, it provides a light setting over my foundation, and evens everything out to matte, seamless finish. 
  • Does is 'set' your makeup/ foundation?
  • Yes, it sets everything, though I believe almost any powder 'sets' foundation!
  • Does it 'eliminate unwanted shine'?
  • YES! YES! YES! YES! I throw this in my purse, and use it throughout the day now to eliminate that wonderful shine that loves to show up after I even stepped outside from it being so dang! hot outside! It soaks up the oil, and re-sets everything to a beautiful matte finish! I also does not seem to add any cakiness on my face!!
  • Does it 'last all day'?
  • Um, no! At least not in 100 + degrees! This is the only time I have personally tested this product, and no, it does not last all day! Does it last long, um, I would say I could go about 3-4 hours without touching up. Although, I must say, though it doesn't last all day, I am still finding myself reaching for this!   
So, in conclusion beauties.... I definitely recommend this product is your are looking for a mattifying powder at an affordable price. And, in the best recommendation I can give, I will be REPURCHASING this when I hit pan! So, have a beautiful day beauties and enjoy!!!

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