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Thursday, June 23, 2011

e.l.f.'s Complexion Perfection... Love it or Hate it??

So, e.l.f. (eyes lips face) offers cosmetics for $1-5$ on average, and I must say… OH MY GOSH, I am in love with almost everything I have bought from them. But right now I will focus on the “Complexion Perfection” from the Studio Line ($3). I bought this at my local Target store, and according to the website and the packaging you are supposed to take a large face brush and swirl all the colors together and sweep them over your face. Simple enough so I took my Kubaki brush from Eco tools, did this, and swept it over my face after I applied my foundation (before my blush or anything) and it worked AMAZING! It helps even out the redness I experience on my cheeks and it helped make my skin just appear flawless. Another HUGE plus on this item, it ELIMINATES oil… just soaks it all up. I have EXTREMELY oily skin, and it just soaks it all up! AMAZING!!! So in conclusion, I guess I would say that this is item is most certainly a LOVE IT item, its in my bag and I am purchasing a back up just for my wedding!!!!!


  1. I have this and like it alright, but for some reason I put it away - I really need to bust it back out! I have very oily skin now and my face is always shiney, so I need something to bring with me that isn't colored so i can just dust it on

  2. It's amazing... I have tried a lot of products on my oily skin and living in Florida, the minute I start sweating my face is oily, it's nice to just throw in my bag and dust on like halfway through the day