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Friday, June 24, 2011

FOTD! Using New Stuff WOooooOOHoooHOOOooooOOO

   Good shot of the eye makeup in natural light

Full Face under flash

Semi Full face in natural light

Flash again...
Alrighty FOTD using some of the stuff from elf fun! Keep reading to see how I achieved this look.

  • I simply moisturized today no primer... its raining and its gonna all be blah anyways
  • I concealed with elf's Tone Correcting Concealer in Light Beige (Fingers)
  • For foundation I am using my Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation in True Ivory (elf's Powder Brush)
  • I am breaking out (my own fault :() so I dusted some of the blue from the elf Complexion Perfection on the reddness on my face (Fingers)
  • I used my elf All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade on the Cheeks (elf Stipple Brush)
  • I used a white shadow for highlight... don't know what kind
  • Set everything with elf's High Definition Powder (Powder Brush)
  • I primed my eyes using the Prime end of the elf Eye Primer and Liner Sealer
  • I used the sliver in the Black Licorice Eye Shadow Duo Cream
  • Then I applied the color from the 100 ES Palette I am going to count them out... it's the 5th row from the left, 3rd color from the bottom all over the lid (ES Brush Essential Line)
  • Then I used the color 6th row from the left, 2nd color from the bottom on the outer V and crease (Crease Brush)
  • Then I BLEND BLEND BLEND BLEND the colors into the crease and outer V (Blending Brush)
  • Then I took the Smudge Brush and used the 1st color (Pinkish color) on the inner half of the lower lid and smudged that, then the darker purple on the outer half of the lower lid into the outer V
  • I waterlined with the Plum Passion Shimmer Eyeliner from elf
  • Then tightlined with the cream eyeliner from elf (Eyeliner Brush)
  • Then I curled my lashes and applied Lash Blast from CG
  • And used the WetGloss on the Eyebrows
  •   I accented my cupid's bow and upper lid with a white eyeliner pencil (I don't know the brand any will work)
  • Next, I used elf's Lip Liner and Blender in Natural ALL OVER the lips
  • Then I used Revlon's Nearly There lipstick
  • All topped off with Flirt HyperShine Lipgloss from elf
And that is it... Have fun  my beauties...

MY elf Haul!!!!! WOOOHOO!!!

So, yesterday a little makeup God dropped off my elf haul... and needless to say I was excited! It only took 4 days to get to me, which I must say was nice! Some of these items I can review briefly, others I will follow up on... So, let's get started...

elf's 100 Eyeshadow Studio Line Palette($10)
elf's 100 Eyeshadow Palette from the Studio Line $10.

This the mirror and (ew?) included applicators

Picture of all the colors, nice mix of matte, shimmer, and colors!

I'm in love with this palette!
Ok so obviously we are starting with my 100 eyeshadow palette, and needless to say I was super excited to get this, I mean 100 eyeshadow for $10?? AMAZING! I will admit that some of the colors aren't amazing pigmentation, but if you know how to work them, they will work amazingly! I am so happy so far and looking forward to doing some tutorials and looks on this palette!

Next, we have the most anticipated item I bought:

elf's High Defintion from the Studio Line ($6)

Great Packaging, cute and sleek!

Ugh... Cannot wait to try!
Ok, so I have not tried this :( (Sadface because I am SOOOO excited to try this) I plan on using this for the wedding... and I have heard amazing things about this product... REVIEW TO FOLLOW I promise!
Next, we have
elf's Creme Eyeshadow Duo in Black Licorsce ($1 Essential Line)

In their little pot...

Swatches with no flash

Swatches with flash
Ok, so I know there are mixed reviews out here on the internet about these eyeshadow duos. I got them for bases under my eyeshadows, and to be honest, this swatch you are seeing on my hand for about 2 hours, I have tried to crease them... they won't crease! I am happy with them... plus they have great pigmentation... So for a dollar, I'm happy!

Elf's Shimmer Pencil Eyeliners ($1 from Essential Line)
This the one in Black Bandit... Built in Sharpener

Black Bandit Swatch
elf Shimmer Pencil in Plum Passion

Swatch of Plum Passion
Ok, so these swatches do not do these pencils justice... They wear GREAT, smudge out nicely, have some great shimmer, and wear AMAZING on the waterline! I AM IN LOVE!

Ok, Next...
elf's Eyeliner Brush ($1 Essential Line)

Simple enough... Excuse that is dirty I used it...
So, simple enough, Eyeliner Brush. I am happy with this brush, its soft, but good for applying eyeliner or smudging it on the upper lashes... I like it a lot!

Next. elf's HyperShine Lipgloss in Fairy

elf's HyperShine Lipgloss in Fairy
Nothing to say, this is a back up for my favorite lipgloss... read my previous blog about it for a review!

Next, we have elf's Tone Correcting Concealer ($1 Essentials Line)

In Light Beige...


Blended... with flash...
Ok, so I haven't used this on my face. I am very happy with how it feels on my hand, and the way it blends and brightens... so I am excited for this one! So far it's a great thing I am looking forward to using...

Next, elf's Smudge Brush ($1 Essential Line)

Smudge Brush... WOooooHOoooHOOHhoooooOOO
Really, do I have to say anything? Its amazing, it smudges out amazing, also great for blending! WOOooooOOHoooOOOhOOO LOL!

And Lastly, the free gift I got...
elf's Eye Brightening Quad in...IVY

I've never seen it with that nifty little label!
Um, I haven't played with this, but I have Drama and Luxe and I love them.... so I am glad I got a new color... I am excited to play with this!

Ok, That's my haul... Hope you enjoyed it... Thank you beauties!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hello Beauties,
 So here's my FOTD, pretty simple smoky eye on some Tinted moisturizer. Here's how I achieved this look!

  • Hard Candy Sheer Envy Face Primer
  • Physician's Formula Twins Concealer in Yellow and Ivory
  • elf's Tinted Moisturizer (Studio Line) in Porcelin (applied with elf's Powder Brush SL)
  • elf's Compexion Perfection all over the face (applied with elf's Total Face Brush EL)
  • elf's Pink Passion Blush (Powder Brush on apples of cheek)
  • elf's Spotlight Shimmering Facial Whip for highlight on cheekbones (fingers)
  • Set everything with elf's Mineral Booster in Sheer
  • elf's Eyelid Primer (EL $1)
  • elf's Luxe Quad 
  • I used the red of this quad as my all over lid color (applied with the Eyeshadow Brush from EL)
  • Then used the lightest brown of the quad on the crease (applied with the Eye Crease Brush from EL)
  • Then used the darkest brown to define the outer V and blend into the crease and outer corner (applied with the Blending Brush from the EL)
  • Then using the yellowish light color in the quad as my highlight under the eyebrow (Applied with the ring finger)
  • Then I applied elf' Cream Liner in Black (using the Angled Liner Brush included with the cream liner) to tight line the upper lashes
  • Then I applied elf's Brightening Eyeliner Pencil in Black to the waterline
  • Curl lashes
  • Covergirl Lash Blast Lengthening Mascara
  • Kept the lips simple with the elf Liquid Lipstick in Pink Lemondade, with a highlight of Spotlight on the Cupid's Bow.
And that's how I got my FOTD!! Have Fun!

How I Organize My Always Reached For Makeup!

So, this is how I organized my makeup that I use every day (or almost everyday). I bought this cute little desk caddy from Walmart ($5 in the Stationary Section). I like to put my brushes, eye pencils, mascaras, lipglosses, lipsticks, eyeliners, and anything long and thin at the top where the pencils would go. Then the two long sections have my face products and others that fit in there... So ya... Just thought I would share...

My Hard Candy Score!

So, I scored this 4 items from Walmart. I am really excited to try them out. I am really iffy on the Split Personality Eyeshadow Duos from Hard Candy, but I have heard amazing things about the Sheer Envy Primer so I am excited about that... I will be reviewing shortly so you will know my opinions.

My New Favortie! My elf Fairy Lip Gloss!

My New Fave!! LIPGLOSS!!
OMG! This is my reach for, grab for, and die for lipgloss! This is elf’s hypershine lipgloss in Fairy… It gives me the perfect milky baby pink lips, looks amazing, SMELLS amazing, and most of all wears amazing!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product… I got it at Big Lots, but I know it’s also available on!!!!!!

FOTD (Face of the Day)

So this is my FOTD using mainly elf products
I started off with e.l.f.’s Mineral Infused Primer all over the face, then used my Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in 180 & 200 (custom mixed), and I blended these using my elf Studio Line Powder Brush. Next, I primed my eyelids using elf’s eyelid primer, then I packed on Natural from elf’s mineral eyeshadow line all over my lid. Next, I used my elf cream eyeliner in black to tightline my upper lashes, and then lined my waterline with a elf black eyeliner. Next, I used elf’s Complexion Perfection powder to set all my foundation, then I used elf’s Pink Passion Blush from the studio line, and highlighted with Spotlight Shimmering Facial Whip. I used elf’s lengthening and defining mascara, and finished it with elf’s Hypershine Lip Gloss in Blossom. So have fun and hope you enjoy this….

e.l.f.'s Complexion Perfection... Love it or Hate it??

So, e.l.f. (eyes lips face) offers cosmetics for $1-5$ on average, and I must say… OH MY GOSH, I am in love with almost everything I have bought from them. But right now I will focus on the “Complexion Perfection” from the Studio Line ($3). I bought this at my local Target store, and according to the website and the packaging you are supposed to take a large face brush and swirl all the colors together and sweep them over your face. Simple enough so I took my Kubaki brush from Eco tools, did this, and swept it over my face after I applied my foundation (before my blush or anything) and it worked AMAZING! It helps even out the redness I experience on my cheeks and it helped make my skin just appear flawless. Another HUGE plus on this item, it ELIMINATES oil… just soaks it all up. I have EXTREMELY oily skin, and it just soaks it all up! AMAZING!!! So in conclusion, I guess I would say that this is item is most certainly a LOVE IT item, its in my bag and I am purchasing a back up just for my wedding!!!!!

My First Blog!

So, first off HELLO to all my beautiful and amazing readers!!! I am hoping you are a makeup lover like me, because honestly that’s what this blog will mainly focus on! Simply, I am a 24 year old aspiring makeup artist, and a future bride (3/11/12)! So I will be focusing on my makeup reviews, tips, and what I am wearing during my wedding day! So stay tuned!